Father’s Day email campaigns you’ll want to steal

Father’s Day is June 18th, and it will be here faster than you think! Many shoppers find their Dad’s to be one of the most difficult people to shop for. Many retailers find it difficult to create email campaigns that stand out amid inboxes stuffed with father’s day promotions.

Although it’s not the largest holiday of the year, US consumers spend nearly $13 billion for Father’s Day each year1. To help you take advantage of these spenders, we’ve compiled some email examples to jump start your campaigns!

Show Them the Way

In this email from Topo Designs, they went beyond the typical gift guide and assigned their products to different Dad “types”. Using this approach, they were not only able to make shopping for Dad easy, but also showcase their variety of products.

Topo Designs


Make It Fun

Everyone loves a good Dad joke (seriously, they’re never not funny). Whether they result in a chuckle, eye roll, or life lesson, almost everyone can think of a good Dad joke moment in their life. Social Print Studio (formerly Printstagram), created a Dad joke contest to generate some additional engagement with their subscribers.


Social Print Studio


A Thought For Early Birds

We’re still about two weeks out from the holiday, so you have some time to send little reminders to your audience. In fact, because you can integrate this tactic into your existing promotions, this may be one of the easiest ways to get ready for Father’s Day without rushing to create an entire campaign.

The Little Pancake Company sent their subscribers a simple reminder that Father’s Day is coming up. It’s an easy touch that will get your audience thinking about what gifts they’ll purchase early.


Little Pancake Company


For The Dad That Has Everything

Show your subscribers some alternatives to the traditional Dad gifts. Uncommon Goods provided alternative ideas for their audience to consider.

Uncommon Goods


For The Dad That’s Hard To Buy For

Anytime we talk about holiday marketing, we have to talk about gift cards. Whether it’s a picky Dad or a procrastinating child/spouse, you will always have subscribers who depend on gift cards to make it through any holiday season.

In this example from Lowe’s, they capitalize on last minute shoppers so that “Dad can start enjoying his Father’s Day right…. now”






We’ve put together several resources to help you with your holiday marketing. Check out our Moms, Dads and Grads eBook to learn more to make the most of this season!


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