4 More Ways To Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Step one in the customer lifecycle is, well, having customers (i.e. acquisition). And growing that subscriber list isn’t always a walk in the park. We’ve previously showed you ways to grow your list that doesn’t involve purchasing subscribers, but because we love to help, here are a few more.

4. Posting In Forums

The internet has done a lot for us. It’s made email a viable tool of communication. It’s opened the world up to a wealth of information. It’s given us access to thousands of crazy GIFs.

And, outside of email, it’s made communicating with each other even easier via internet message boards. There are literally thousands of niche forums out there. And while we don’t recommend going and seeing what all of them are for fear you’ll see something that frightens you, we do recommend you look up the forums that apply to your brand and begin posting in them. Once you’ve established yourself and gotten a feel for the community, start reaching out and building your list out with members from those forums.

3. Host A Gathering

Previously we told you about how it’s good to keep a pad and paper by the register in your brick-and-mortar locations to collect emails, but if you have the spot, then go a step further and par-tay.

OK, so maybe don’t get super crazy, but if you have a suitable location, hosting gatherings and meet-and-greets is a great way to not only gain subscriber information, but also increase visibility on your brand in a way that just can’t be done over the computer.

2. Incentives For Current Subscribers

One of the things you want to do with your customers is turn them into brand advocates — people who think so positively about your business that they tell their friends. Pretty much make them the Oprah to your bees.

And one of the best ways to do this while simultaneously collecting new subscribers is to offer a reward or discount of some kind to your current customers when they get friends and family to purchase from your business or sign up for your newsletter.

1. Offer A Discount Immediately

And just to continue with the discount theme: As soon as a new customer arrives at your site, have a popover appear that is just a straight up trade, offering them a discount if they sign up for your newsletter.

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