3 important takeaways from MarketingSherpa 2016

You’ve seen a breakdown or two from our Senior Strategist Fawn Young after her experience at MarketingSherpa. Today, our leaders in Customer Success Katie Thomas and Matthew Ramos will be sharing their insights ahead of webinar they’ll be putting on April 19th.


Prior to going to Marketing Sherpa we talked to several different people about their experiences with the conference and received mixed reviews. With that said, we didn’t really know what to expect. However, we have to say, we enjoyed it and came away with lots of relevant collateral and marketing strategies.

We always knew I’d share my key learnings with my WhatCounts family and our customers, but we weren’t sure what would be the meat of the discussion. Anyhow, after attending over 10 different sessions, reviewing 20 different decks and all of our notes, we were able to narrow it down to a few succinct and simple considerations.

3. People Buy From People

We as marketers have a blind spot.  We’re too busy marketing our company, university, service, or product(s) from a marketer’s perspective and not from the consumer’s perspective.  We easily forget that we’re consumers ourselves and forget how we would like to be treated.   If you’re selling cars online – you should ask yourself what would make you convert?  The same can be said for senior living healthcare facilities for your parents or loved ones.  What information are you looking for to make a solid decision?  It’s not always the flashiest animated GIF that gets people to convert.

Although, a flashy GIF never hurt.

2. We’re About Getting The “Micro Yes”

Some marketing goals are easier than others. Some strategies are simply to provoke an impromptu purchase of a new pair of shoes or an outfit for Labor Day.   However, others are more complex and require lots of research.   As marketers, we’re simply trying to gain a micro yes throughout the sales funnel until we eventually get that macro yes and they convert with your organization.

  1. Want to open this email? – Yes
  2. Want to click on a link in this email to gain more information? – Yes
  3. Want to fill in information on the site to speak to a representative? – Yes
  4. Want to answer the phone when we call? – Yes
  5. Want to provide me your credit card so we can complete the transaction? – Yes

Each step of the way, we have to look at how we best gain a yes for that step and remove any friction that may prevent the consumer from moving to the next step in the conversion funnel.

1. Testing Is Key

Even the biggest and brightest marketers test their theories.  However, the best test small changes to see if it has any incremental impact in the receiving that micro yes.  If you look at your marketing strategy as a bunch of micro yes’s, you can test each strategy to see what works.  You’d focus on testing what subject line you should use for your newsletter to increase opens and then once you’ve confirmed a solid strategy there, you’d then focus on what will drive clicks.  Just know that testing is like baking a soufflé, you can’t rush it.  If you do, the soufflé will never rise and you’ll have to start over.   You need to make sure you have enough concrete evidence to come to a compelling conclusion.  If you test it once and the results don’t meet your theory or hypothesis (vice versa), test it again.   You need to feel absolutely confident in your results.

For more key considerations, we encourage you to join me during our webinar on April 19th at 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET. It’s sure to be a great session that dives in greater detail on a few of these topics along with few new ones. We look forward to seeing you then.


Keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes for your webinar invite. In the mean time, check out 4 Email Marketing Best Practices For Abandoned Carts and 5 Best Practices For Growing Your Email Subscriber List.

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