3 Ideas For Adding Simple Dynamic Content To Your Email

We’ll just come out with it: If you aren’t adding dynamic content to your emails, you’re way, way behind. Here in the future, the difference between emails that convert and those that are deleted unceremoniously is simply how unique they appear to the subscriber. If your message is boring, well, adios.

But we get it: Maybe you don’t have the creative or coding talent to implement the more complicated looking stuff like weather or geolocation or subscriber behavior. Fortunately, a lot of dynamic content can be generated from a quick study of your subscribers’ data, like birthday emails. Here are a few more you can capitalize on that are simple to implement:

3. Age And Gender

See, we told you it was simple.

One of the easiest ways you can create dynamic content for your subscribers is by just dividing your list into segments based on age or gender. Heck, go a step further and divide those gender lists into different age segments.

2. Past Purchases

A customer’s purchasing history is also a great tool for sending them unique, personalized email. Did they buy that golden cow that was bedazzled with colored jewels? Maybe they’d be interested in that silver lamb with the ruby eyes you’ve been trying to get out of the warehouse. Send them one of those “You May Be Interested” emails we’re all familiar with.

Or maybe they have more exotic tastes and want a life-sized giraffe statue.

Going further: If you sell goods that you know are renewable or expire (razors, coffee, sugar-coated pitayas), you can automate dynamic content based around that. Send your customers reminder emails that it’s time to get some more of that delicious dragon fruit.

1. Purchase Cycle

Messaging around a purchase cycle is kind of like a rewards system. On a basic level, you can segment your subscribers into three lists:

  • “I’m just here for the free coffee”
  • “I bought something from you once. Might’ve been by accident”
  • “I literally buy everything your brand puts out”
“And actually, I have two of everything.”

Now your subscribers are divided in a sales cycle of sorts, where the messages you send them are based around moving them up to the next level or keeping them in the cycle. Just this method alone opens up the proverbial floodgates of dynamic content that you can send to your customers, and allows for you to always send unique messages.


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