4 Ways To Get Subscribers To Click Through

It’s hard, we know. You create this beautiful email to send to your subscribers. You’re sure it’s a home run. You hit send and, 24 hours later, you see that it’s been opened, but no one is clicking through. So what gives?

Well, sometimes it takes more than a killer deal to entice your customers. You need to make sure you’re taking the right marketing approach as well. We’re talking about doing things like …

4. Create Scarcity

If there’s anything we learned from the Mad Max film series, it’s that scarcity of resources can make people a little crazy.

“If you are the one who took the last Mr. Pibb, I will find you.”

Showing a sense of urgency to a sale and help push your subscribers a little closer to making a purchase. If you’re trying to make room for inventory and have a product you know you won’t have again, then spin a sale around that. If you’re cleaning out your warehouse and chance upon some stock you thought you were out of, that’s another opportunity you can play upon.

Or, if those just aren’t things for your brand, create an awesome sale and pitch it as “limited time.” Sure, another sale will come along, but this sale is so amazing your subscribers might not ever see it again!

To be clear: We aren’t saying you should conjure up scarcity when there isn’t any, and then try to capitalize off of that. Lying to your customers is not something we would never advocate.

3. Be An Authority

For those of you out there that don’t necessarily sell anything, we’re assuming that your subscribers are following you because you’ve positioned yourself as an expert in … something.

Pictured: Expert.
Pictured: Expert.

So go further than just sending your subscribers your latest blog post. If you’re creating content like webinars, infographics, tutorials, eBooks, or anything else that’s geared toward applying your knowledge to helping your subscribers, make sure you’re pushing it in your newsletters.

This is also a great opportunity to put your preference center to use, and send a message to your readers encouraging them to either choose or update what kind of content they want to receive.

2. Encourage Sharing

While the ultimate goal is for your subscribers to spend time on your site, increasing the avenues to make that happen is never a bad idea. There’s a few ways to make sharing benefit you. One way is to encourage your subscribers to forward an email, and make sure this is paired with the ability for those who receive it to sign up for further messages.

And while email will always be king, supplementing it via social avenues is a great way to get your brand in front of more eyes. Encourage your subscribers to share your content and deals on their social media accounts or, even better, link up your emails in a way that all they have to do is click to share.

In the noble words of amazing lyricist Jack Johnson: “It’s always more fun to share with everyone.”


1. Be Relatable

Look, people don’t enjoy talking to robots and they certainly don’t like getting emails from them either. That’s why it’s not only important to make sure you sound like a, you know, human in your emails, but it’s also good to make sure you sound like the humans you’re marketing to. Don’t be a Stepford Wife.

So when you’re writing your copy, just come at it from the perspective of your subscribers. You have all the relevant data, so you should know who they are. Use that to your advantage and send them messages that sound like they’re coming from a friend. You know, be homies with your customers.

OK, robots aren’t bad.


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