4 Holiday Trends To Include In Your Email Marketing Content

It’s the holidays and the time of year that people will find literally any reason to throw a party. As a marketer, this time of year is about crafting your message around these reasons. As an email marketer, you also have the benefit of running the gamut on these trends in no time flat.

So to help you get started, here are some popular trends you can almost certainly mold any kind of marketing message around.

4. Chrismukkah

Here in the 21st Century, everyone loves a good mashup.

They are truly wonderful.

And perhaps the greatest holiday mashup was introduced to the world via Seth Cohen from The O.C.: Chrismukkah. On the show it was to allow Seth’s interfaith family (Jewish and Christian) to celebrate their respective winter holidays together. Today, though, they are a popular party for friend groups to throw. At the very least, it’s a prime opportunity for you to shoehorn your love of The O.C. into your marketing, which is not-at-all why it’s included on this list.

3. Gift Parties

This is also the time of year for any variation of a gift party that will inevitably leave one or more attendees disappointed, and at least one friendship irrevocably broken.

“An inflatable butt pad!? I spent $50 on my present!”

Secret Santa, Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, White Elephant: They’re all pretty much the same. But that’s good for you because, as a marketer, the myriad parties that involves giving presents provides you plenty of avenues to go down when it comes to targeting your audience.

2. Ugly Sweaters

It’s almost certain the tacky sweater party happened by accident. Like, someone forgot to do their laundry and all they had left to wear was just this really awful looking sweater they received as a legitimate gift. So they have to wear and try to pass it off as a joke, and get lucky when it spawns one of the most popular trends in the winter season. So popular companies have started to strictly produce terrible looking sweaters.

Anyway, people love doing throwing these parties as much as they enjoy going to them. Just because you don’t sell the finest in horrible looking apparel doesn’t mean you can’t work an angle on this trend.

1. Procrastination

OK, so maybe “procrastination” isn’t a trend in the sense that it’s a popular thing to do. But it’s a trend because everyone does it whether they want to or not — particularly during the holidays where everyone knows at least one person waiting until the last minute to anything.

So when it comes to your email marketing when the weather gets cold, sending anything that reads “Last-Minute …” is guaranteed to hit the mark somewhere. Party ideas, gifts, recipes, vacation destinations — you could probably tag “Fruit Cake” at the end of that line and will likely get a bite.

“Oh thank goodness.”

While procrastination can be the bane of everyone else, it can be a quick win for you.


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