The Pyramid Of Lifecycle Messages

Everyone likes pictures, we get that. That’s why they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Or, as is the case right now, 14.

Lifecycle messages, to put it simply, are the messages you should be sending subscribers throughout their duration on your list. Some are more important than others (thus the pyramid we’re about to show you) but all are important to keeping up subscriber engagement. For a comprehensive breakdown of lifecycle messaging, check out our super awesome eBook on the subject. Oh, yo, and it’s free!



So with that, we present you …

The Pyramid Of Emails

The Supes Quick Breakdown

From top to bottom — here we go, squad:

  • Anniversary/Re-targeting: This one is a little bit of a tie. Obviously, an anniversary message is sent preferably on days marking the momentous occasion of when a subscriber joined your list. Re-targeting relies on sending emails based on subscriber browsing behavior — kind of like if you’re looking at ice cream scoops on Amazon, they’ll send you an email full of other ice cream related products.


  • Re-engagement: Subscribers falling into a laze is inevitable. Rolling out a series of re-engagement messages has been proven to lift their spirits and even part with their cash-money. So Amazon, knowing your propensity for ice cream, might use that to leverage some sort of action out of you if you’ve fallen into their “this person is snubbing us hard” category.
  • Post-purchase: These are the types of promotional messages you would send out after a subscriber has made a purchase that preferably relate in some shape or way to the product they acquired. Like maybe they want some ice cream cones to scoop some ice cream into with that ice cream scoop they bought.
Ice cream cones.
  • Birthday: Is it a subscribers birthday? Wish them a happy one and throw in a good deal while you’re at it! (Bet you thought we were going to mention ice cream here. Ha!)
But we didn’t.
  • Abandonment: If a subscriber got on your site, loaded a cart full of chocolate, caramel, and strawberry syrups, whip cream, and rainbow sprinkles, and then bolted without buying them, send those buzzkills an email letting them know that no one likes coming to an ice cream social without all the fixings.
Yeah, have fun with that, buddy.
  • Welcome Series: This should be the cornerstone of any good email marketing campaign, and why not? Your subscriber is fresh on the list, probably at their most active: Don’t just send one message, build a series out of it and get maximum ROI.

Now go get you some ice cream. You deserve it, you maniac.


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