So You Want To Access Your Free Themes In Pro

You probably haven’t heard us talking about our new UI with three awesome free themes for users to mold into beautiful works of art. But they’re there — we know because we’ve seen them. And, well, sometimes people just need a little help finding things, you know?

And we’re here to help — because we love to help! In fact, we’ll be posting more about maximizing our Pro platforms potential so that you can create and deploy radical emails as simply as possible.

So below, find our quick guide to accessing your free themes in our Pro platform.

Step #1

Oh look! We’ll be joined by Pugsworth The Amazing Joke Telling Dog. Hooray!


Ah. Oh … OK. So anyway, so just fill out all the necessary credentials and sign in. Also, for the purposes of this guide, make sure you’re using our new UI.

If you've mysteriously found yourself in the old UI, just click the gear in the upper right.
If you’ve mysteriously found yourself in the old UI, just click the gear in the upper right.

Step #2a

After you’ve logged in, you can use our awesome search field! Just click where it says “What do you want to do Today?” and search Creative Library. Or Creative. Or Creat. Or you can even horribly misspell Creative and it’ll pop up anyway because our search engine doesn’t judge. Any of those will allow you to select the Creative Library.


Uh … moving along …

Step #2b

If you’re one of those anti-search-bar types, just mouse over to the left where all those little icons are (like the happy little home, happy little people, happy little planet), and that menu will roll out.


Just … uh … just click on Content.

Step #3

After choosing Content, a drop down will appear with a whole list of options. From there, just click Creative Library.


… OK. So, yeah, click that. Annnnd ….

Step #4

Voila! Here we are at our themes!


Alright, cool — thanks, Pugsworth!

So there you have it: Just a few simple steps to striking gold in the new UI for Pro. If you want to see some other super neat things going down in the platform, check out 3 Cool Features Of The New WhatCounts Platform.

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