Announcing WhatCounts And SumoMe Integration!

WhatCounts and SumoMe Integration

We’re super excited to announce our new partner and integration with SumoMe! Haven’t heard? They’re the company making waves for their super robust and easy to use website tools. Over 150,000 websites use them currently and that includes some of our very own customers!

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SumoMe Website Animated Gif

SumoMe is available via a freemium model, where the basic apps are free, with paid plans for advanced features like more sophisticated A/B testing. Although Kagan is only starting to promote SumoMe with the press now, the first apps actually became available more than a year ago, and the platform now reaches 25 million unique visitors every day. Customers include Airbnb, theChive, Complex and Tim Ferriss. – TechCrunch

For email marketers like us, look to their List Builder (popup) tools. You can now utilize our  integration to use any of their apps should you so desire. For instance, Welcome Mat is an awesome app to test out.

SumoMe welcome mat email marketing company integration

The story of how this integration came to be…

We switched to them several months ago when looking for a simpler solution and started the conversation then. In that time, we’ve seen an increase in signups from a few hundred every couple months to a few thousand. We’re not the only ones who have seen success.

We are happy now, and the rest is history.

Here’s a little sample of the fun stuff they offer …

Salesy feature highlights:

  • Drag-and-drop field selection
  • Multiple campaigns that run simultaneously
  • Viewer behavior settings
  • Tracking pixel integration
  • A/B Testing
  • Display Rules

Here is one of the templates you can get right out of the gate (called, “Showcase”):

sumome popup template

That’s just a sample, but to bring this a little closer to home, below are some of the popups we’ve used. We’ve been running several different campaigns. Check ’em out!

WhatCounts custom sumome popup sample
custom popup sample

This is a custom one we put together for our Instagram account.

SumoMe WhatCounts custom popup sample
custom popup sample

We took a lot more design liberty with the last one. We dropped in our own CSS and HTML which was exported from the form builder within WhatCounts. If you want to work with custom or hidden fields, this would be your best bet (although the SumoMe team is working on a more advanced custom field integration).

They have analytics built into the platform so it’s easy to track your A/B tests as well as your conversion rate.

SumoMe Popup Analytics
SumoMe Popup Analytics
SumoMe Popup Conversion Report
SumoMe Popup Conversion Report
SumoMe A/B Testing parameters
SumoMe A/B Testing parameters

We also decided to set up our own Google Analytics event tracking on our custom popups. This was possible by adding a line similar to the one below.

<form id="sumome-blog-popup-v1"  action="" method="POST" name="sub_form_popup"  target="_blank" onsubmit="dataLayer.push({'event':'trigger','gaEventCategory':'Form',
'gaEventAction':'Submit','gaEventLabel':'SumoMe Popup PRO V1'});">

We tested this and it works (using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics). Let us or your Customer Success Manager know if you need help with this.

sumome google analytics event firing
sumome google analytics event firing

SumoMe has a great reputation because of it’s founder Noah Kagan, who has made a name for himself in the startup world with successful businesses like AppSumo. We use them and 150,000 other websites do as well.

Next steps

Ready to start using them? Visit them! Or, your Customer Success Manager can help, you can email us, Or, you can use the install guide yourself.

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