3 Cool Features Of The New WhatCounts Platform

So check it: We’re upgrading our our Pro platform to make the user experience a whole lot slicker. It’s something we’ve been working on for awhile, and we’re super proud to finally roll it out.


So proud that we’re kinda, sorta itching to share some of awesome stuff that’ll be coming with the upcoming release. What kind of stuff? Well, for starters …

3. Drag And Drop Goodness

Dragging and dropping stuff is all the rage these days. It makes creating beautiful emails so much simpler and way, way quicker. That’s why we added it into our new UI, because we love you and want to make your life easier.

How awesome is that? Pretty awesome, right?


2. Search Navigation

If it’s good enough for Google and Apple, it’s good enough for us. Now when you’re using the new platform, we’ve added an intuitive search bar feature to allow you to get where you need to be quicker. Need to hit up the Creative Library? Type it in the search bar. Ready to do some segmentation, get to typing and the platform will start to fill out the rest. Need to order a pizza?


Well. Maybe someday. But, hey, smart search bar, huh?


1. Free Themes

Three of them to be exact: Meet Whimsy, Corporate, and Minimal.

These themes are already uploaded into the WhatCounts Pro platform and ready for users to play around with.


And guess what? We have this really awesome squad at WhatCounts called the Agents Of Email and they’re just itching to take one of those awesome themes above and version them to your brand specifications.

Are you excited yet? These updates are going down this weekend, and we’re totally stoked for your excellent and optimized experience with the WhatCounts platform.



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