Rock Your Fourth of July Email Campaign

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You have a couple of weeks until the 4th. Are you ready to send a successful email campaign? I have a couple of tips for you that will help you out.

Intro by Our Director of Strategic Services, Emily Keye

“I would say that email marketers need to take advantage of the couple of weeks leading up to the holiday as in the past these weeks have been some of the most successful when marketing around the Fourth of July. Sales tend to die off the week after the 4th. July 4th typically has the highest volume and revenue for all Fourth of July emails so make sure to capitalize on that day. With that said, marketers should try to anticipate what consumers are looking for in advance. What are the top search terms, what products have sold well in the past during this time of the year, etc. Marketers should consider adding a patriotic look and feel to their campaigns. If possible, marketers should include an enticing offer in the marketing plan around the Fourth of July.”

Keep It In Context

Think about the holiday – it’s a one of the biggest holidays in the United States. Certainly the biggest in the summer. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, finance, etc,… It’s a great time to have a conversation with your customers and potential customers. The trick is you want to make your message appropriate for the holiday while also making a lasting connection with your readers. Ask yourself, “What’s the connection with my brand and how people celebrate this holiday”? You don’t want to come across as either too boring or too out-there.

Follow The Independence Day Email Stats

  • 76% of email generated revenue comes from campaigns a week before the holiday
  • 67% of emails are sent a week before the holiday
  • July 4th had the highest percent of email revenue with 32%
  • Email campaigns with offers in the subject lines drove the most revenue
  • Source

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Go Red, White And Blue

Don’t be afraid to be creative. The 4th is a distinctly American holiday so use imagery that is patriotic and that supports your brand. You don’t need to be over the top, but think about all the competition in the inbox for this valuable space. This leads me to the next point…

Pick A Good Subject Line

Do your subscribers a favor and write something clever. You want to stand out here, don’t blend in with the rest of the emails!

Make sure to Include words that people easily associate with the holiday. What makes you think of Independence Day? Hot dogs? The Lake? Jorts? Body paint? Fireworks? There’s plenty of material out there.

Deal Or No Deal

We saw above that offers in the subject line can draw the most revenue in on this holiday. Choose a deal you can offer that encourages your readers to spend their time with you rather than the competition. If you need help with this our strategy team has helped many companies with this (shameless plug, I know).

You don’t need a deal to be successful. Sometimes a heartfelt message with good intentions can show your company to have heart and connect with people more than a holiday special.

How Are You Celebrating?

WhatCounts would love to know how you’re celebrating the 4th. Comment below, Tweet us, or you can even just email us.

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