Pivnet 186 Advertising Improves Engagement by Switching to Responsive Design

Toyota noticed a 93% increase in click to open rate as well as a 17% increase in open rate! Read on to find out how.

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Central Atlantic Toyota Dealers, a client of Pivnet 186 Advertising, was interested in using a responsive template to accommodate their continually growing mobile customer base, which includes 62% of their entire open rate over the last year. Central Atlantic Toyota Dealers did not have the ability to create a responsive template on their own, so our client, Pivnet, reached out to our agency team for help.


Original Click to Open Rate: 6.50%
Original Open Rate: 14.98%

pivnet original Toyota email template
Toyota’s original email template

The Challenges

Toyota was having trouble engaging their audience and driving them back to their website to learn more about service specials. They were hoping a responsive template might help solve for this issue. Above all else, though, they were interested in catering to their growing mobile customer base.

According to ReturnPath, 63% of Americans will close or delete an email not optimized for mobile. Pivnet knew how important that was to their client, and decided it was time for change, but like many email marketers, Pivnet didn’t have the bandwidth or in-depth HTML knowledge to build a responsive template from scratch.

The Solution

Pivnet reached out to the WhatCounts agency team and asked for them to design a responsive template for Central Atlantic Toyota Dealers. The agency did what they do best, and now not only does Toyota’s template render great on mobile devices, but by taking a modular approach, our agency was able to organize their content in a visually pleasing and concise manner.

The Results:

After switching over to the newly designed responsive template and analyzing their metrics over a two month period, Toyota noticed a 93% increase in click to open rate as well as a 17% increase in open rate! Not only were they able to engage their customers more efficiently and drive traffic back to their website, but they were also able to get their viewers to open more emails on a consistent basis.


New CTO: 12.53%
New Open: 17.56%

pivnets new responsive template desktop view
Toyota’s new, sleek, responsive template. Courtesy of the Agents of Email.
Toyota new responsive email template for mobile
Here is the mobile view of the responsive template


The number of subscribers viewing email on mobile devices is constantly growing. Pivnet 186 Advertising understood how large of a mobile audience their client had and wanted to capitalize on that. With an overall goal of further engaging their customer base and driving their readers back to their website, we were able to take a basic design that was consistent with their brand and turn it into something optimized for engagement. We did this by designing a sleek, professional, and responsive template. The metrics over the last two months speak for themselves on just how well this template is performing for them and how much of a difference responsive design really does make. It is all about catering to your audience and making the user experience as good as it can be!

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