The Scoop on Digital Marketing: 5 Articles You Should Read Now

Get the scoop on everything digital marketing.There’s no time like the present to get your knowledge on. We’re serving up our favorite in digital marketing news, tips, predictions and more. Check out the articles below and share them with your coworkers and friends. Then tell us about your favorite articles from the recent past!

The Best Email Subject Lines to Get People to Open Your Emails | Ian Brodie

As an email marketer, I never pass up an article about subject lines. A subject line can make or break your metrics, not to mention get subscribers to read your messages. A coworker shared this article with our marketing team, and it’s a good one.

My Grandma’s Butcher Knows Marketing Better than You Do | Re/code

A good marketing article teaches me something new, or a new perspective about something old. But a great marketing article does that by means of stellar content and an interesting read. I thoroughly enjoyed skimming this article about putting aside the current marketing definition of personalization, and actually getting to know your customers – putting them first and foremost. This article  accurately depicts what’s wrong with much of modern-day marketing. Check it out.

Ask the Digital Marketing Experts: What’s Up in 2015? | ClickZ

With 2014 rushing to a close at the end of this month, it’s hard not to think in terms of the future. Hear about some of the predictions being made by digital marketing experts via this article on ClickZ. Preview: It looks like smart data and mobile are still going strong.

How to find your email success partners | iMedia

Choosing an ESP can be a tall order, especially when you factor in all the choices out there. I’m a little biased as to which ESP does it best, but if you’re looking for some guidance on what the important factors are, take a look at this insightful article. Key takeaway: you need an email success partner, not an email-sending partner.

Why Last Week’s FTC Twitter Violation is a Total #GameChanger | Convince and Convert

If you’re active on Twitter, make sure you know what’s lawfully acceptable when it comes to your tweets. From now on, you’ll need to disclose any relevant relationship to what you’re tweeting about. The reason behind this transparency is people want to know if they are reading an endorsement or a genuine review. Read this article to get the low-down on what’s acceptable and what’s not.

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