Cyber Monday Emails Reign Supreme

According to Internet Retailer, this year’s Black Friday into Cyber Monday weekend went well for those sending email. Over the long weekend, consumers spilled 26 percent more money than they did last year. But how did the online shopping day fair, you ask?

Especially well, I’d say. Cyber Monday broke the record for most money spent in one day – over two billions dollars. This represents a jump of 15 percent from Cyber Monday 2013. And proof continues to appear that mobile will continue to influence purchases, as eCommerce orders placed on mobile phones jumped five percent this year to almost 22 percent of the revenue received on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

What’s the biggest takeaway? Cyber Monday emails by far gained the most money for brands this year. Overwhelmingly, email marketing made the most impact on revenue in comparison to every other channel. According to Custora eCommerce Pulse, email marketing pulled in almost 24 percent of the money gained on Cyber Monday, with organic and paid search coming in second and third. Don’t stop sending those holiday campaigns!

Here are a few of our favorite Cyber Monday emails:

Check out some of our Cyber Monday Favorites!

We asked a few clients to report back on how their Cyber Monday campaigns performed. On average, they saw a 10 percent open rate and a 13 percent click rate. Definitely a good start for the many more holiday emails to come. What did your Cyber Monday emails look like? Share your successes in our comments!

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