How to Build your Email List: Convert Current Site Visitors

“How do I build my email list?” is one of the top questions in marketing today.

It’s a common issue with which every marketer struggles. With email marketing as the most direct and effective marketing channel, you need to be sure you not only capture email leads, but high quality email leads for future marketing efforts. Where do you find the people who are most interested in what you sell or offer? On your website, of course! I’ll go over three tips on how you can build your email list by focusing on current website visitors.

1. Convert on Traffic with Onsite Promotions

The #1 way to increase email opt-ins on your site is to incentivize your visitors to join your mailing list. Present visitors with a pop up promotion that requires them to subscribe to your mailing list in exchange for a promo code. By providing an incentive, you make it easy for visitors to make the decision to opt in by providing something of value. The result is keeping visitors on your site, acquiring key retargeting info, and creating a happy visitor turned customer.


If you’re an online retailer, you are most likely running some promotions. Make it easy on your visitors and present your promotions in a visible and effective manner. Potential customers can opt in to your mailing list and instantly receive their promo codes to redeem when they check out.


Distributing your content requires you to constantly acquire new email subscribers. Running opt-in pop ups, content giveaways, and other promotions on your site will effectively display your message and offering which will significantly increase your email opt ins. Be sure to state exactly what an email subscriber can expect. This is your opportunity to sell your content to consumers so tell them what benefit they can expect from reading your content.

Okabashi has seen great results from pop ups.


Shoe designer and manufacturer, Okabashi, has been running onsite promotions for over two years and have seen incredible results. Okabashi has increased email subscriptions by 371 percent, Facebook fans by 128 percent, and coupon redemption rates by 47 percent simply by implementing onsite promotions. An additional benefit is the increase of 15 percent in the size of customer orders.

2. Reach Site Visitors with Seasonal CampaignsCreate fun seasonal custom tabs.

The holidays are right around the corner and you’ve probably already planned your seasonal email marketing strategy. But just because your strategy is in place, doesn’t mean you should take a step back and relax. You’re guaranteed to see increased web traffic and potential sales and email capture opportunities. Holiday shoppers are looking for deals and special offers. Give them what they want and convert on sales and email opt ins!

Get your site in the holiday spirit with a custom tab and pop up design. Custom designs let you present your brand the way you want to and connect with visitors in a fun way. It can also increase your conversions as well., saw its email subscriptions increase by 5X after they implemented a custom tab design. Here are a few of our favorite custom tabs and pop ups!

Customize seasonal pop ups for your site.

Check out this Halloween pop up.

3. Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment and Bouncing Visitors

Visitor behavior is another aspect that may be hurting your email capture and sales conversions. Chances are you’ve dealt with bouncing visitors or abandoned shopping carts. In a study by Baymard Institute, 67.75 percent of all shopping carts are abandoned and online retailers are losing over $9 billion every year! These problems are damaging to your site’s success, yet many don’t know how to combat them. The key is to target specific customer behaviors and also pivotal points in the purchasing or opt in processes.

When it comes to pop ups, it’s not all about design. The most successful pop up promotions reach website visitors in the right place at the right time. Implement exit intent offers to reach leaving visitors with a presented promotion specifically intended to keep people on your site, capture emails, and convert sales. Improve your cart and checkout pages with targeted cart and checkout promotions and by simplifying the process with fewer requirements and pages. Pinpoint your top entry pages to target promotions for new visitors and determine your top exit pages for special exit intent offers. Fully optimize your site for sales and email conversions with targeted promotions.

WhatCounts and Justuno

It’s our job to build your email list in a simple and effective way. That’s why WhatCounts and Justuno have teamed up to make it easier on you. Create and run all of your promotions with Justuno and fully integrate with WhatCounts so you can automatically sync all newly acquired emails to the mailing list of your choice. Convert on traffic, build your email list, and seamlessly retarget new contacts and customers with WhatCounts and Justuno!

Want to learn more on how social incentive marketing and pop ups can get your site ready for the holidays? Join us at our webinar featuring Corey Snow, Vice President of Sales at Justuno , and Joy Ugi, Digital Marketing Coordinator at WhatCounts. Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

Grant Thomas
Community Manager, Blogger

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