4 Themes to Use in Your September Emails

In less than two weeks, September will be upon us. Kiddies are heading back to school, traffic is getting a little heavier, and it’s a struggle to get back into the swing of things. But the fun of summer doesn’t have to end! There are lots of exciting aspects to September, and you can use them to pep up your email campaigns. In fact, here are four themes to inspire your September emails:

1. Back to school

For some kids, the exodus back to school has already begun. For others, they won’t have to face the classroom again until beginning-to-mid September. This makes now until the middle of next month a perfect time to send a back-to-school themed email campaign. Show your subscribers why they need to buy your products in order to have a successful start to the school year.

Take a peek at Apple’s back-to-school email, targeted at the older generation of kids returning to college for the year.

Bring a new iPhone back to school. And get $50 in apps.

Apple, Inc.'s September email

 2. Fall

The leaves change color. The air gets nippy. Apples are ready to be picked.

Sept. 23 marks the autumnal equinox, which tells the world it’s officially fall. Why not draw attention to your most fall-friendly products and services with an email?

Here are some subject line ideas from past autumn emails:

  • Time to Reboot (for a retailer’s boot sale)
  • Get ready for cooler weather
  • Hello, Fall
  • 10+ ways to make fall your favorite season
  • Autumn is here…time to fall into a good book!
  • Five Great Long-Weekend Trip Ideas for Fall (Attn: Travel marketers)
  • It’s not just the leaves that are falling
  • Fall Air+Cool Jackets=Happy Camper
  • Top 11 trends for fall…see what made our list!
  • Fall’s Must-Haves

And remember the rules about capitalizing the names of the seasons: Don’t, unless it’s a part of a proper name. “Trends for fall” – don’t capitalize. “The Freaky Fall Festival is here” – capitalize.

3. National observance

One of the ways brands can be most human to their customers is by remembering national holidays. September brings the 911 Remembrance on the 11th. Here’s your chance not to sell, but to simply offer a message of gratitude and remembrance.

4. Just for fun

If you have extra time on your hands, consider sending a message to your senior subscribers on Sept. 7 for Grandparent’s Day. Or on World Gratitude Day – Sept. 21 – thank your subscribers for reading your emails and send them an extra discount or freebie. Everyone loves a thank you! Or give your subscribers the chance to ping you with questions on Sept. 28 for Ask a Stupid Question Day. We’d certainly love to hear from you!

What kind of emails are you planning to send this September? Share them with our readers below.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
Twitter: @ugigirl


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