Should You Send to Role Account Email Addresses?

If you’re regularly cleaning your email subscriber lists, you’ll probably come across email addresses such as webmaster@, sales@, support@, admin@. These are called role account email addresses, and they represent a role or department within a company instead of an individual person.

How does sending to these role account email addresses affect your email marketing?

These addresses are often distribution lists connected to multiple recipients, and these recipients will change over time as people are hired, promoted, re-organized, or leave a company. This means most of the people you send to via a role account address have never opted in for your messages. As a result, there will be a higher likelihood role account recipients will opt-out of your messages or complain about them. Read: not good.

What’s more, occasionally the person behind a role account isn’t a person at all. In some cases, a role account address is monitored by a computer software program looking for and reacting to certain types of messages. There’s no way to know who a role account is or form a relationship with role account recipients. Additionally, there’s no way to verify consent to receive emails.

The verdict: Role account email addresses should be scrubbed and removed from your email marketing subscriber lists.

One exception to this rule is if you’re sending B2B emails. There are many cases when you’re sending B2B communications and the only address you have on file for a location/affiliate/regional office is a role account, such as an office manager, or purchasing manager role account address. It’s okay to send to role accounts in a B2B email campaign because the email sent to these role accounts is expected and/or required B2B communications and not marketing related.

However, even in B2B situations, you never want to send to certain role account email addresses: abuse@, nospam@, noreply@, spam@.

When you’re ready to scrub your list of role account email addresses, in addition to the ones mentioned previously, look for emails that start with:

  • marketing@
  • news@
  • contact@
  • customerservice@
  • editor@
  • helpdesk@
  • info@
  • no-reply@
  • news@
  • postmaster@

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
Twitter: @ugigirl


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