How to Overhaul Your Content in 3 Steps

Get ready to overhaul your content!Stuck in a rut with your marketing campaigns? It may be time for an overhaul. Taking the time to work three habits into your marketing routine will enliven your current campaigns and keep them fresh.

Follow these three steps to overhaul your content and jumpstart your marketing.

1. Consistently consider your campaign numbers.

Just as a pilot trusts the instruments on his control panel to navigate the plane, so marketers should trust their metrics to help them steer campaigns. The first step to overhaul your content is identifying what’s working and what’s not working by looking at the numbers.

Gather metrics from all your channels. Look at the email metrics for every message you send, including opens, clicks, CTOR and unsubscribes. What types of Tweets and LinkedIn posts are seeing the most engagement, comments and likes? Dig into Google Analytics to understand what landing pages are performing well and which ones aren’t.

Frequency matters. When should you be looking at your channels to see how well your content is doing? Weekly, to find any immediate areas you need to improve. Monthly, to view recent trends. Yearly, to understand the overall performance of your content on a larger scale.

Make necessary changes. It’s pointless to spend time measuring all these channels if you’re not going to apply changes where they’re needed. Watch the upward trends in metrics to see what articles, offers, and calls-to-action your readers respond to the most. Insert this type of content into your editorial calendar so you use it often.

2. Do something different.

Don’t think you have time to try something new? Commit to implementing one small change a week: One A/B test, one email design change, one landing page optimization. On the other hand, don’t make more than one change on one channel at one time. For example, don’t change the layout and copy of your email at the same time. If your click-to-open-rate improves, you won’t know which part to give credit to.

Prioritize the changes you want to make and test them one at a time.

You don’t have to be married to these changes, but you must be committed to analyzing the results of them. Just because you like including pictures of the family pet in your email campaigns doesn’t mean your audience does and vice versa. Stick with the changes that show a positive reaction from your readers; ditch the ones that don’t.

3. Ask your audience what they want.

The worst they could say is no. There are countless tools available for gathering feedback from your audience. Send an email asking subscribers to take a survey. Ask for feedback via your most popular social media site. Create a contest or drawing for those who offer responses. Most importantly, be willing to accept honest – and sometimes harsh – feedback. Use what you learn from these responses to overhaul your content.

There’s no shame in asking an outside expert step in and help with the overhaul of content. In fact, because this person isn’t laser-focused on your campaigns every day, he or she will be able to offer a fresh perspective. If you don’t have an expert on hand, our strategy team can help you with all the steps to overhaul your content.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
Twitter: @ugigirl

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