What Tomorrow’s Marketing Audience Wants

Kids today are marketing's audience tomorrow.If you think about it, one day the kids now sitting in schools will be the ones absorbing your marketing content. The habits they’re developing now shape digital marketing strategy in the future. If you look closely enough at what those habits are, you can get a picture of where the trends are to be proactive with your digital strategy.

Last week, Tnooz published findings from studying the digital habits of children. A few stats stood out in reference to digital marketing.

1. Eighty-five percent of kids over 11 have a mobile phone. Twenty-nine percent say they can’t live without it.

Air you can’t live without. Food and water you can’t live without. A phone is one thing you can live without, and yet the children surveyed compared their mobile devices to their existence. The way of the future is getting farther and farther away from the desktop and more towards portable devices – phablets, tablets, phones and probably devices we can’t imagine yet.

Email marketers won’t survive if they don’t ensure designs adjust to these ever-changing screen sizes. The future is a fluid experience from print to email to web. Those who will draw the most consumers will align their content and layout to be seen on many different screens.

2. The popularity of Facebook among kids fell 11 percent, with YouTube now taking the lead.

Sharing has always been popular. What’s different is how people will do it. Writing statuses and posting pictures seems to be on the downslide with kids. What’s on the rise in this age group is sharing and watching videos.

You may find it beneficial to at least include a YouTube, Vine or other video-sharing strategy in your marketing plan. You may even want to consider shifting your time and resources more towards video and less on Facebook. Don’t drop your Facebook account right now if you have one. On the contrary, if it’s doing well and works for your company, continue to use it as a part of your overall digital strategy. Just understand video is passing Facebook in popularity, and adjust your approach accordingly.

3. Thirteen percent of kids use travel and navigation apps.

This stat is purely for travel and hospitality marketers. Children are accessing travel apps more and more on their mobile devices. It’s essential for travel and hospitality companies to have good reviews on these travel websites, to be located on these navigation apps. Encourage your customers to share their experiences on these apps, and when they do, promote the reviews and apps in your emails and on your website.

If you think the days when these kids will be your main marketing audience are in the way-too-distant future, think again. These stats are from 2013, so they’re already happening. The statistics may trend higher still in the years to come. It’s essential for digital marketers to know what their customers want and give it to them; personalization and relevance always win. Stay ahead of the curve by following the stats and adjusting for the future of digital marketing.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
Twitter: @ugigirl


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