7 Resources to Avoid Sending SPAM

Avoid delivering spam!It turns out we’ve talked a lot about spam over the years, mostly because we love email and it’s uber important to send email that’s not spam. What have we learned about spam after all this time? Primarily, it’s definitely not cool for email marketers to send. But we discovered a lot of other good information, too, and we gathered it from all over so you can avoid sending spam.

#1: What Is Spam?
Spam as it applies to email is multi-faceted in its definitions. But mostly, it means messages unwanted by subscribers. Seeing it that way should put smart email marketing in perspective.

#2: Where Does the Term “Spam” Come From?
If you’ve ever wondered how unsolicited email got its infamous name, this article explains it. Quench your curiosity!

#3: You Can’t Say that in Email! Do Spam Words REALLY Hurt?
There was a time when certain words automatically marked your messages as spam in the eyes of ISPs and subscribers. Find out if this is still fact, or if it’s more of a fiction for today’s email marketing.

#4: Spam Laws and Non-Profit Organizations
If you’re a non-profit and wondering how anti-spam laws fit into your email marketing strategy, you don’t have to worry about much. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore best practices.

#5: Reduce Spam Reports of your Email Marketing
Want to stop subscribers from reporting you messages as spam? There’s an easy way to do this, but it requires you to do something that may be hard: Make sure people have an obvious way to opt out.

#6: Avoid Misleading Subject Lines
Misleading subject lines is the number one factor between your email getting booted to the spam folder or being opened. Make it a good one with these tips!

#7: The Email Marketer’s Ultimate Checklist for Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Update
On Jul 1, 2014, Canada will update its anti-spam legislation (CASL). We’ve created a checklist to help you decide if these updates affect your email marketing and, if so, how to ensure you’re compliant.

Making sure your emails aren’t spam should be priority. We hope these resources shed light on what spam is and how to avoid sending it.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
Twitter: @ugigirl


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