Earn More Subscribers with These List-Building Strategies

The 57 Tips for Growing Your Email List eBook is hot off the presses. We’re giving you a sneak peek with this blog post covering general list-building strategies. These tactics will help build a solid framework for growing subscriber numbers!

1. Highlight “What’s in it for me?”

The easiest way to build a subscriber list is to tell people what’s in it for them. Give them clear, unmistakable value up front and people will sign up. Provide content, discounts or deals subscribers can’t find anywhere else. Continue to provide this valuable content, and subscribers will stay with you long after the incentive ends.

On our preference center, we describe the benefits to subscribers of opting in for each of our email campaigns.

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2. Promote subscriptions via contests

Consider building your list through a contest. People sign up for your emails in exchange for being entered to win a prize. Once the contest ends, subscribers may not be as engaged or interested in your brand, so act quickly to show the value of your products and services in your email campaigns. This will encourage subscribers to stick around. In this example, one of our clients Golf Etail lets people know they’ll be entered to win free stuff when they sign up for the company’s exclusive email offers.

Offer a deal at sign up like Golf Etail does.

3. Promote Subscriptions via Scarcity

Few things motivate people like scarcity, especially if what’s becoming scarce is of high perceived value. Want people to sign up for your emails? Try adding this component to your messaging: time is running out, giveaways are limited, don’t miss this opportunity!

4. Ask People to Share

There’s nothing wrong with being direct and explicit in asking people to share your emails and email sign up form. Many people are hesitant to share content not belonging to them, so give them obvious permission to forward, print, post or otherwise share your emails. Below, one of our clients, Gooseberry Patch, encourages readers to share its emails with their friends.

Gooseberry Patch encourages subscribers to share the emails with friends.

5. Offer Relevant, Timely, Targeted, Valuable Content

Offer content your email subscribers can’t get anywhere else. Be sure it’s personalized (topics they care about), timely (send when they are most likely to interact with it), and valuable (something they want or need). The more valuable your messages are the more people will share their experiences with others and in that way, drive people to sign up for your emails.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle lets you follow your favorite news items.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s My News email is an excellent example of highly relevant, timely, targeted, valuable content. Each daily email contains updates about companies and industries subscribers choose themselves.

If we whet your appetite to learn more, don’t wait another second to download the rest of the free 57 Tips for Growing Your Email List eBook!

Download the free 57 Tips for Growing Your Email List eBook now!

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
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