Top 6 Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following

Top 6 marketing blogs you should be reading

Part of being an effective digital marketer is keeping abreast of new trends, developments and the like across the industry, from best practices to new technologies and everything in between. Today, we’d like to share with you what we feel are some excellent marketing blogs that you should be following (in addition to ours, of course!) to help you be a smarter marketer. In no particular order…, formerly SEOMoz, is one of the most definitive resources on the Internet for developments in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Of particular note is their Whiteboard Friday feature, which includes a whiteboard video demonstrating a particular tactic for search optimization, such as this past Friday’s installment, which discusses using Google+ to improve search rankings.

The Travel 2.0 Blog: Troy Thompson, principal of the Travel 2.0 Consulting Group, is a brilliant mind in travel and tourism marketing, and his thoughts also have tremendous application to marketing in other verticals. This is an excellent resource for anyone looking for a bit of “what if we looked at it this way?”-style innovation.

BrandSavant: If you need help making sense of your digital analytics, or some guidance in separating the wheat from the chaff, you need to be reading BrandSavant. Written by Tom Webster, Vice President, Marketing and Strategy at Edison Research (and keynote speaker at the 2013 WhatCounts Digital Marketing Summit), this is the blog to go to when you’re trying to make heads from tails out of the number salad that is Web analytics — and also if you need to know if you’re going down a completely wrong path.

The Return Path Blog: Return Path is one of the industry’s leaders in email deliverability and certification, and their blog is required reading for any email marketer. From best practices to subject line assistance to a little bit of everything else, the Return Path blog is filled with insights, tips and tricks to help you get your emails into the inbox.

ClickZ: ClickZ is an excellent jack-of-all-trades resource, with blogs pertaining to marketing, analytics, social media and more. If you’re looking for some of the newest studies and industry research, ClickZ is an excellent place to start.

Awaken Your Superhero: Authored by WhatCounts alumnus Christopher S. Penn, Awaken Your Superhero is a blog that generally pertains to digital marketing, but often takes real-world examples and applies them to marketing principles, strategies and tactics. Add in a healthy dose of writing that leads to introspection and self-improvement, and you have a great morning read before you head to work.

What blogs do you find to be indispensable during your daily routine as a marketer? Please let us know in the comments!

Tim Brechlin
Inbound Marketing Manager, WhatCounts


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