3 Travel Marketing Strategies to Drive Engagement

Use these three travel marketing strategies to drive engagement with subscribers.

The current generation of people who travel are “smart.”

They expect to receive personalized messages with content that matters to them from marketers. Because of this trend, it is increasingly important for travel marketers to combine best practices with creative content to ensure their subscriber engagement not only stays intact, but flourishes. A Rewards Program Welcome Email, Welcome Home Email, and Preference Site are three strategies travel marketers can use to do this.

Rewards Program Welcome Email
The subhead and the first line of your Rewards Program Welcome Email should be full of gratitude. Thank the subscriber for not only signing up for your reward’s program, but signing up to receive your emails, too. Next, remind your customers what they’ll be receiving as a member of your reward’s program. Let them know how points are accumulated, when and where they’ll receive discounts, and any upgrades for which they qualify.

It’s also a great idea to suggest ways customers can use their accumulated points. Be sure to list all the ways members can take advantage of their points. For example, include links and images of destinations they may want to visit.

Welcome Home Email
A travel marketing best practice is to send a “welcome home” or “welcome back” email to a subscriber when his or her trip is over. Create and automatically send these campaigns using time-based campaign scheduling in the WhatCounts Smart Marketing Engine. However, make sure you don’t send a Welcome Home Email to customers who take short trips – say two or three days. Receiving a Welcome Home Email after being gone for only a few days can end up having the opposite effect on the customer than the one you intended. In other words, it can be creepy.

Engaging content to include in a Welcome Home Email would be a request to connect with you through social media to hear about your customers’ experiences on their trips. Also, offer the opportunity to book another trip at a discount for a limited time. A Welcome Home Email is also a great place to pitch your rewards program, as well as offer tips on popular destinations for a subscriber’s next trip.

Preference Site
Recognize that some subscribers are going to opt out of receiving your email campaigns. When subscribers opt out, don’t send them to a basic unsubscribe page. Instead, direct them to a Preference Site that includes a broad range of options, including unsubscribing.

A subscriber may not find the content you’re sending helpful; your Preference Site may be able to direct them to information they do want to receive. A thorough Preference Site should include a list of each email campaign you send, as well as a clear description of the type of information that email carries and its consistent day and time of arrival in the subscriber’s inbox. Add a preview of what each campaign typically looks like for extra clarification.

A Preference Site gets personalized information to your subscribers, and ensures you meet permission-based marketing rules.

Learn more travel marketing best practices and how to send smarter, more personalized messages as a travel marketer on our webinar tomorrow: How Travel Marketers Can Market Smarter for the Holidays.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
Twitter: @ugigirl

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