3 Seasonal Email Campaigns You Could Be Sending

In the marketing world, timing is everything. One common habit that successful businesses have is that they take advantage of major holidays and special events by creating special, promotional campaigns. However, as noted in a recent blog post, email marketers should also be planning seasonal email campaigns for less popular holidays. These less celebrated “holidays” and seasons present opportunities to differentiate your company from competitors, showcase your brand, reach specific segmentations of your audience with personalized messages and have fun with messaging and creative.

Think Geek's back-to-school seasonal email campaign

Sending a timely email campaign that draws attention to a lesser-celebrated holiday or season is one way to draw a line between you and your competitors.

One company doing this is Think Geek, which sells “stuff for smart masses.”

This retailer has taken advantage of the back-to-school season to feature school-related products and create pithy content. Plus, Think Geek offers a 20-percent discount on the back-to-school featured items. Even if some subscribers don’t attend school (like me), the products included in this email are applicable to other lifestyles and age groups.

Georgia Power discovered a way to showcase its brand by playing up an unusual holiday, but one that fits perfectly with its brand – Earth Day.

Georgia Power's seasonal email campaign using Earth Day to promote its brand

Since people are especially aware of the environment on this particular day, the content of this email campaign focuses on renewable energy and being environmentally friendly, and how Georgia Power does both. This email campaign shows subscribers how this company and this holiday complement each other.

What can you learn from Georgia Power’s Earth Day campaign? Find a holiday that matches your brand, and plan an email campaign focusing on it. These emails campaigns are a way for subscribers to interact with your brand and they balance the promotion-heavy emails you’ll send during major holiday seasons.

Lesser known holidays are also a way to reach specific segmentations of your audience with personalized messages.

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My favorite Mother’s Day email is this one from Hulu. I can’t say for sure whether everyone else on Hulu’s email list got this email, too, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was only sent to subscribers who primarily watch SNL episodes and clips (like me).

A compilation of SNL holiday email campaign using Mother's Day clips by Hulu.

Hulu used Mother’s Day as an opportunity to send me videos from my most-watched show that specifically had to do with that holiday – personalization in action.

I felt happy, loved and special. I also watched all of the videos immediately, which was Hulu’s ultimate goal.

Hulu used the right data about its subscribers to send the right message at the right time. That’s Smart Marketing.

Not only did all of these companies use lesser known holidays to send email campaigns, they had fun with new designs, content and subject lines that showcased their company in a creative, eye catching way.

Holiday Email Campaigns…

are a way to flex your design muscles and wow your subscribers with something different. As always, test every holiday email campaign you send, tracking what worked and didn’t work. When it comes time to plan for these holiday campaigns next year, you’ll be able to analyze metrics and make a clear decision about what your holiday email campaigns should look like.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts

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