Feature Friday: Remarketing in Professional Edition

What is remarketing, anyway? It’s a term that’s gotten thrown about quite a bit over the last few years, but to make a long story short, remarketing is the idea of targeting communications to people who have previously interacted with you in the past: A user who has filled out a shopping cart but didn’t finish the purchase, someone who clicked on an email but didn’t complete a form, someone who may have searched for you in the past but not clicked on your search listing, someone who has opened but never clicked on an email … the list goes on.

Imagine you could see what specific part of an email a subscriber clicked and then send him or her another message based on that clicked content. Your dreams have come true thanks to our new remarketing feature in WhatCounts Professional Edition. This feature takes information about what elements of one of your email campaigns a subscriber clicked, and allows you to send them future emails based on those clicks. You can send subscribers targeted emails based on their clicks in past campaigns, and you also have the opportunity to send personalized messages based on open and opt-out information, too.

Let’s say you want to send an email to subscribers who clicked inside your most recent email campaigns. You can use the remarketing feature to build out a segmentation that will select those people and send them a follow-up email. To get started, click Deploy Remarketing in the Tasks drop down menu.

Use the Tasks drop down menu to Deploy Remarketing.

Select a list of subscribers from which you want to create the segmentation.

Select the list you want to use.

What you need to do now is narrow down a date range to indicate what campaigns you want include in your remarketing campaign. You can choose the ending date, or you can leave it open-ended and Professional Edition will pull all campaigns from the start date to the current date. You also have the option to filter results by number of emails sent and campaign name.

Select the campaign range and details.

Once you’ve filled out the criteria for your remarketing campaign, click View Results. A list of the campaigns will display. On this page,  choose the specific campaigns you want included in the segmentation.  If you send your campaigns with the track sends functionality turned on, you’ll be able to filter results by Sent and Not Sent. When you’ve chosen your campaigns, click Next.

Select the specific campaigns and subscribers you want to use in the remarketing campaign.


Select the events – or actions subscribers took – you want to target for each of the campaigns you’ve chosen. This remarketing campaign will be sent to subscribers who opened the campaigns, so that’s the event chosen.

Select the events or actions the subscribers took.

After you’ve picked the events, you’ll be redirected the the Campaign Send page, where the campaigns you chose at the beginning of the process is pre-filled. The segmentation is also ready to go, so all you have to do is choose the template to go out. Choose what time you want the campaign to send, and then click Deploy.

As always, if you need any assistance using this or any other feature in WhatCounts Professional Edition, don’t hesitate to contact your WhatCounts Services Account Manager or Technical Account Manager today. And, if you would like to learn more about WhatCounts and all the other ways we can help you deliver smart, personalized messaging to your subscribers, contact our business development team today.


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