Feature Friday: Conversion Tracking in Professional Edition

Want to know what purchases were made via your website by a specific email address?

Maybe you’d like to see what email address booked specific flights using your website.

You’re in luck! The conversion tracking feature in the

WhatCounts Professional Edition allows you to track a subscriber’s click in your email all the way through to a sale. Conversions are measured by placing a tracking code on your webpage. This tracking code corresponds to a link in your campaign, which allows the tracking code to send the behaviors on your webpage back to Professional Edition.

These conversions can then be monitored in reports stored in Professional Edition, and you can base future campaigns off the actions being tracked through the advanced segmentation feature. Sending a follow-up email to someone based on a product or service they purchased from you is now simple.

You can also create and measure custom event types. These additional events can measure any pages that a subscriber reaches on the customer website and can be used to determine actions such as registering through a form or abandoning a cart. This gives you the opportunity to send a follow-up or re-engagement email citing the specific action those subscribers took on your website. Using conversion tracking, not only can you easily track subscribers’ action, you can also measure and prove the value of your email program.

So let’s dive into setting up conversion tracking in Professional Edition. In your email tem plate, enter the conversion tracking link we mentioned earlier in this post. Your email may look something like this.

Add conversion tracking tags.

We’ve included the Subscriber ID (red) so we can associate behaviors with specific people. Also in the link is OID (Other ID), which is another way to filter your data so you can track how different demographics behave on your website. This example includes the OID “State” (blue).

What’s next? Our Director of Data Services, Alex Overall, explains in this video.

See the report for conversion tracking by using the Reports dropdown menu on the Professional dashboard.

Find conversion tracking reports in the reports dropdown menu.

You can see all of your sales over time, any events you set up,  sales per campaign,  and sales broken down by the OID tag.  An important fact to keep in mind is conversion tracking doesn’t apply just to sales emails; any event on your website can be tracked.

You can also use the data from conversion tracking to create a segmentation.

Create a segmentation using the information from conversion tracking.
This is a segmentation rule for people who purchased an item (conversion event name is sale), and who made that purchase two days ago (days after conversion event is 2). This would be a perfect segmentation to use to send a follow-up survey or thank-you email.

Have questions or want to get started using conversion tracking? Email support@whatcounts.com!


Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts


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