4 Ways to Woo Your Abandoned Shopping Cart Customers

Lots of online shoppers do it: They come to your website, add items to an online shopping cart, and then mysteriously disappear, leaving you with no sale. People can be distracted from completing purchases on an online shopping cart by a plethora of digital and human disruptions. They may also browse your website for a specific item, while at the same time searching for better deals or discounts on other retailers’ websites. It’s important and profitable to captivate these shopping cart abandoners through email – 88 percent of consumers have abandoned an online shopping cart without completing a transaction, and that’s a lot of money lost (Biz Report).

Here are four ways you can help your shopping cart abandoners go from purchase insecurity to full-fledged buying enthusiasm:

1. If you give them what they want, they will come.

The message that goes out to your shopping cart abandoners doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to draw them back to their purchases. Address the possible reasons your customers are hemming and hawing over their would-be purchases: cost of shipping, unprepared to purchase or high price. Promote your deals, specials and offers so they have no reason to look elsewhere for a better price or product. Offer discounted or free shipping. For those people who simply forgot that they were shopping online and had added items to their shopping carts, a, “We miss you!” message may be just the motivator they need to complete the process.

2. Go mobile with your shopping cart

A shopping cart abandonment email can do wonders when it is designed to be viewed and clicked on mobile. More and more people are viewing emails on their mobile devices, which means that it’s imperative digital marketers are designing emails accordingly. We talk about the musts for mobile design in our webinar How to Create a Winning Mobile Email Marketing Strategy, and you can take a look at the way Alaska Airlines redesigned their shopping cart abandonment emails to be opened on a mobile device, too, by viewing the slides from their presentation at our Summit.

In today’s highly-personalized, digital world, people expect emails to be tailored to what they want, as well as be easy to use. Make sure your call to action is not only linked to your customers’ shopping carts, but thumb-sized so they can easily use it on their phones. Making your customers search for a link or read through a block of content is not going to tempt them to get back to their abandoned shopping carts. By far, the best way to find out what type of email motivates your customers is to….

3. Test, test, test

Test when you send your shopping cart abandonment emails. In its campaign, Alaska Airlines found it was best to send the campaign one day after customers had left their online shopping carts. But not all customers are alike, so you need to send tests to determine when your particular shopping cart abandoners are most likely to respond.

Think that images in your emails are more likely to draw customers back in? Maybe…but maybe not. Alaska Airlines found that overall, re-engagement emails without images were much more successful than ones that contained images. You won’t know what works for your company and your customers until you test variants of your content. If you’re a WhatCounts customer, the Smart Marketing Engine has some of the best A/B testing capabilities. Not only is A/B testing highly effective in telling you what your customers want, these tests are simple to set up. Don’t know how to set up an A/B test? Let us show you how! Just send support@whatcounts.com an email, and we’ll walk you through the steps.

4. Automate you shopping cart abandonment emails

Once you’ve tested your content and design, sending emails to shopping cart abandoners is simple in the WhatCounts Smart Marketing Engine through automation. With our advanced segmentation and automated campaign deployment, you can have the Engine send out emails on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Using automation, shopping cart abandonment campaigns are the simplest way to gain potentially lost revenue with the least amount of effort. It’s Smart Marketing at its best!

Stop losing sales because of shopping cart abandoners. With the right message, email design and timing, your emails could make loyal customers out of these subscribers.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts


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