3 Reasons You Should Start Planning Your Holiday Email Campaigns Now

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The winter holiday email time is when digital marketers feel the crunch. Do you sometimes feel stuck between the rock of not having the time to create a personalized holiday email and the hard place of not having the time to plan and send those messages?

We don’t want you to feel rushed and unprepared when November creeps up. Make time to plan your holiday email campaigns now so you don’t have to suffer later. Why? Because…

#1: You can look back at what did and didn’t work last year in a holiday email.

Maybe you looked at the reports from last year’s holiday email campaigns, but now is the time to dive into them. Specifically look at what worked in last year’s campaigns – timing, message, personalization, content, click-through rate, open rate and subject line are just a few areas you can examine. Understand the effects your holiday emails had in 2012 because it’s key to planning what you are going to pursue in your email campaigns this year. If you’re a WhatCounts client, the Smart Marketing Engine can provide you with data about all of your campaigns.

#2: You’ll have time to test and set goals…

for what influences open rate. This means testing for the optimal subject lines, cleaning lists, and perfecting deliverability and your multichannel integration. Instead of putting together a rumble-tumble, last-minute campaign based on what you think is the best holiday message, you can craft the perfect messages for different segmentations based on what your subscribers want.

Testing should be a part of the goals you have for your holiday campaigns. What are you hoping to accomplish at this time of year with the messages you send to subscribers? When are you going to start your email campaigns and how often are you going to send messages? There are so many questions you should have answers for now so you are well prepared when the holiday season hits.

#3: You can automate your holiday email messages.

No one wants to be working on Thanksgiving or Christmas. No one wants to work a Saturday in December just to send an email campaign. When you start planning your holiday emails now, you can automate them in the WhatCounts Smart Marketing Engine. Email automation allows you to set up a schedule in advance so that you don’t miss any personal or business opportunities. You can pre-program your email campaigns as far in advance as you need to and they’ll go out on the date and time you select without you having to lift a finger.

Planning your holiday email campaigns now is going to make your life a lot easier when that time of year rolls around. If you need help getting started, Windsor Circle is joining us to bring you a webinar about preparing your emails for the holidays and using automation to do it, and we’d love for you to listen in. Just register here!

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts

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