Five Tools for Great Email Creative


Want to know how you can send unique and more dynamic emails that stand out to your customers? Of course you do! Without creative and compelling content, subscribers will not be interested in what you have to say and certainly won’t listen the next time you send them an email. Don’t worry; there are simple steps you can take to improve the content of your emails!

Listed below are five tools you can put in your design tool belt that will help you captivate your email readers:

1. Mobile usability design. Did you know 30 to 70 percent of people on your list are opening your email on a mobile device? Design your email to be viewed on a mobile platform by using a large font size and 14 to 16 pixels for body size. Include the main message or call to action (CTA) at the top of the email, so readers won’t have to scroll down to see them.

2. Compelling content and layout that make users care. Don’t believe the hype about only using images in your emails; it doesn’t work. You need a balance of text and visuals to draw your readers in and give them information they can use. Don’t go with a basic email template; instead, create a layout that mixes different types of graphics with text that will make readers care about your email.

3. Clear, concise and obvious calls to action. Tell your reader what you want them to do, and make it clear that’s what you are doing. Don’t just underline the call to action; make it a button and add a symbol that pops off the page, like the example below.


4. A professional look and feel. Your email is a reflection of your company, and as such, should reflect your credibility as a business and as a creative source. Make sure your content and your design is updated and matches the branding and focus of your company.

5. Unique to your brand. A significant way to make your email stand out among the others is to use something you already have: your brand. Would people recognize that your email is from your company if the logo wasn’t on it? Use the colors, fonts and feel that are specific to your company.

Don’t stop here; download the free webinar 11 Signs Of Great Email Creative to discover six more ways you can pep up your email creative and grow your reader engagement!

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts


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