Don’t Play Hide and Seek with Your Email Opt-In

What’s the point of any email program? Getting and retaining subscribers. You are not going to reach that goal when your customers have to play hide and seek to find the opt-in form for your emails. Your subscribe form should be easy to spot on your homepage, as well as other relevant pages on your website. The design should match your brand, and if copy is included, it should be creative and eye-catching.

Below is an example of a spot where a subscribe option should be located, but isn’t.


Even if the email subscribe option had been included in this link line-up, it still would have been hard to find because this section is at the bottom of the page in a light gray, thin font. Also, redirecting users to another site in order to sign up is inconvenient. Why not include a sign-up box right on the page for them to enter their email addresses?

People don’t want to play games in order to find your email subscribe opt-in. They come to your website with a purpose in mind, and it’s probably not to opt-in to your emails. You have to make the opt-in appealing and obvious to your user, and you need to tell them what they are going to get out of it. Maybe it’s special deals, coupons, or insider information – whatever it is, tell your users about it up front and they’ll be more likely to subscribe. Check out the WhatCounts subscription form located on our homepage:


Look at where your email opt-in form is located on your website. Is it buried at the bottom of the page, or located prominently so users clearly see it? Make sure the font is a comparable size to the other fonts on the page; you don’t want your message to disappear. If you are sending users to another page to sign up, consider adding a same-page, opt-in box instead. One more tip is to make sure that your social media buttons are not larger than your email ask graphic. You can measure revenue through both social media and email campaigns, so it is important to draw the same amount of attention to both of them.

Interested in learning more about creating smart email programs? Watch or download the slides to our free webinar, 5 Ways to Destroy Your Email Program.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts


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