Personalize Email Content for Increased Sales

If you’ve been reading our blog this past year, you will know that we’ve been telling you repeatedly to dynamically customize your content. Subject lines, calls-to-action, advertisements: all of these aspects should be tailored to each individual on your list, regardless of your industry or market. Why? Because you will find that your email marketing ROI will increase tenfold.

Not sure what dynamically customized content is? Let’s look at an example from Amazon pulled from my inbox just this morning:



As many of you may know, Amazon typically customizes their sends according to your most recent purchases. Since the Atlanta office over at WhatCounts recently nabbed a Wii  for a little fun time (read: important business functions), I ordered an extra nunchuck so we could add more players– Amazon obviously remembered this and wants to see if we need another controller. I also am currently in the process of obtaining my MBA and just wrapped up a course on leadership. Since I ordered a few of my books for class from Amazon, they decided to recommend comparable books as additional reading (actually, the books they recommended are the same exact books my professor recommended…good call). So, now that you know my purchasing habits and Amazon’s emailing habits, why is this all important?

It’s important because these are the products I would most likely purchase if I were to log onto Amazon right this moment, moving me that much closer to a hard sell. As opposed to blindly sending me emails according to what merchandise they need to move, Amazon prefers to cater to my prior purchases and suggest items I would probably purchase if given the suggestion. By linking my email address to my login, they will always have insight into which items I am researching, what I’ve bought, and what I’ve returned. If you’re looking to incorporate dynamic content into your email campaigns, gathering this information is a must.

Dynamic content and customer purchasing information is just one small example from the world of big data. As we move towards 2013, prepare to see more on the topic and how it can dramatically increase subscriber response, sales, and ROI. At WhatCounts, we plan on showing you exactly how this all is intertwined in the bigger picture of digital marketing and what it will mean to you.


Sarah Zibanejadrad
Inbound Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts

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