The Importance of the Welcome Email


As the age-old wisdom goes, you can tell a lot about someone from the first impression. From handshakes to hairstyles, it is natural human psychology to make snap judgments about someone within moments of meeting them. So, why should a welcome email be any different?

The first email you send after a subscriber makes the decision to opt-in and receive your emails can often times make or break your brand in their eyes. With that being said, are you sending an autoresponder to confirm their subscription once they do opt-in? This may seem unnecessary, but the truth is quite the contrary. In fact, an autoresponder as a welcome email can make the world of a difference when onboarding a new subscriber in your email campaigns. Why? Because of the following:

1. It confirms their subscription.
Sometimes people sign-up to receive emails on a whim, to access content on a website, or check-out through an online retailer. They throw their email into the basket and move on with life, completely forgetting that they subscribed to receive emails. Then, say a week later, lo and behold your campaigns begin to roll into their inbox. In that week that has gone by, they may have completely forgotten if or why they signed up, causing them to mark your emails as spam and banish you to the trash folder for life.

This situation could have been easily avoided had you sent a welcome email within moments of their decision to opt-in and receive emails. Not only does this confirm the subscription, but it also reminds the subscriber — “Hey, just letting you know that our messages will be headed your way.”

2. It sets expectations.
Many times when a subscriber opts-in, they have no earthly idea what to expect from your emails. Sure, your opt-in form said “Sign up to receive tips and deals!” but could that be any more vague to someone who has never received emails from you before? A welcome email will let them know what your messages look like, what tone you use, and what exactly you will be writing to them about.  Instead of taking up a paragraph explaining your emails in an opt-in form, relay this information ex post facto in a welcome autoresponder.

3. It increases deliverability.
If you inform the subscriber to keep an eye out for your welcome email the moment they submit a form, they will know to save your message from the fiery depths of the spam box if that’s where your welcome message ends up. If you tell them, “By the way, we’ll send something the next time we deploy a campaign, so check your spam box religiously if you don’t see anything in the next few weeks.” That’s almost as bad as the repair man telling you that he’ll swing by any time between “9am Monday and 5pm next Friday.” Specify that they will receive a welcome message in moments and to make sure it does not get marked as spam. This will not only increase deliverability for all future emails that you send to the new subscriber, but also any emails that you send to others that use the same ISP.

Once you begin to implement your autoresponder welcome email, look to see if open rates and deliverability increases any, if at all — My bet is that it will.


Sarah Zibanejadrad
Inbound Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts

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