Endless email marketing opportunities

There are so many opportunities for digital marketers.

Looking back over the past few days at the experience at Blogworld NYC, I can safely say this: there are endless opportunities for email marketers to make a huge difference in the digital marketing world. So many marketers are attempting to grow their businesses in a disconnected fashion, trying to assemble bits and pieces of their marketing programs, from podcasting to blogging to social media to Internet TV. All of these marketers have one thing in common:

Nothing is gluing their efforts together.

Some podcasters are wondering why their shows haven’t grown substantially since 2008. Some social media practitioners are wondering why attention is so fleeting and they can’t hold onto an audience. Some bloggers are wondering why their blogs are not growing a significant loyal base.

Email is the digital glue.

There’s a reason that WhatCounts has promoted this expression for a long time: email marketing is the digital glue that holds together so many different marketing channels.

Podcasters should be including email subscription methods to their RSS feeds to give their show more accessibility. Back in the day when I was doing a financial services podcast, the day I added email as an option for subscribing I saw an instant 20% lift in audience growth.

Bloggers should be doing the same with their blogs, offering email distribution as well as repurposing their content in summary newsletters. (WhatCounts clients: be sure to use the RSS to Email features in the Publicaster and Professional Edition platforms)

Social media practitioners should be starting or growing their lists with frequent promotion of their newsletters in order to transform transient attention into a loyal base.

Email is now more than ever the digital glue that holds together all of these different marketing programs, but only if you use it wisely and ubiquitously. Use it to establish presence of mind, hold onto attention, and provide as many ways for your customers and prospects to engage with your content as possible, and your business will grow with it.

Christopher S. Penn
Director of Inbound Marketing, WhatCounts


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