Using Video In Email to Increase Sales

I imagine that many of you reading this post are, in some fashion, responsible for attracting clients to your product or solution, then turning that prospect into a client. I also imagine that you have most of this process down to a science. But you are here because you are looking for more; an edge; a new practice to attract more prospects and close more deals. As a business development manager responsible for these things as well, then I would say we are all in good company.

With that, let’s focus on one practice in the marketing world that is completely underutilized where you can gain an edge on your competitors: delivering video-in-email to your customers and acting on their engagement.

Let me repeat myself: deliver video in your email messages and then act on their engagement. Failing to take immediate action based on user engagement is energy spent in vain. Studies have shown that the impact a video message has on its audience is much greater than that of a text version. While many companies simply link to a video page (or worse, a YouTube page) many more miss the boat all together and do nothing with video messages.

Let’s be clear: you do not need a huge video budget or some major production to use video effectively. Like any other marketing tactic, you need content that brings value to your readers, passion about providing that content, and a plan to do so. So grab your phone or an inexpensive handheld and start shooting!

“But what do I send,” you ask?  Who is your audience? Take a quick video of the newest employee you hired and put it in your monthly newsletter; deliver a short commercial in your next lead generation campaign with a precise call to action; send how-to’s, tips, and tricks about using or maintaining your product or service.  Most importantly, deliver what you feel would bring value to your audience… and don’t forget to manage their engagement.

With the WhatCounts email marketing platform you can not only send videos embedded into your email message, but you can build automated rules that trigger follow-up campaigns based on the user’s actions.

For example, let’s say you are sending a promotional email or daily deal to your subscribers so you are showing a product highlight video. When a user watches 25% of the video you can trigger a message that thanks them for watching and gives them a 10% coupon to use on their next purchase. If they watch 100 percent of the video you could send a follow up email that not only gives them a 20% coupon, but asks them to share it with their friends on Facebook.

For those in the B2B space, you could deliver an alternate video message to the user if they did not watch the original one, or send “Part 2” if they watched all of it. Understand that it does not have to stop with coupons and sharing; deliver training videos, tips on upkeep, product comparisons, employee of the month… the list is endless.

The impact video has on a user is great, but the follow up actions you take as a marketer are crucial! You are interacting with them on a one-to-one level and asking them to take action in the form of a purchase, sharing the video with friends, or simply watching another video. You are keeping the attention on your brand for a longer period of time. All of which has an impact on generating new leads, nurturing prospects, and increasing revenues within your client base.

Chris Lusk

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