Avoid Misleading Subject Lines

misleading-subject-linesPermission-based email marketing should be the foundation of your program.  Growing your list organically and without spamming is the best way to earn a great reputation as a sender and improve your sender score.

Part of increasing your subscriber trust is being straight in the subject line about the contents of your newsletter. Informative subject lines are the best route to go when sending your newsletter, misleading subject lines not only annoy recipients but are also illegal.

Email subject line: “You’ve won a free iPod!”
Email content: “Well, you didn’t really win a free iPod, but…”

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, misleading subject lines are illegal. Yes, email marketers, the above example is against the law. While you don’t have to summarize the entire email in your subject line, be sure you don’t lie or mislead subscribers.

If you’re having a tough time coming up with subject lines, there are many resources that can help you practice and improve.  Don’t send it and forget it but rather go back and compare subject lines to find the most profitable, the ones that got the most results/actions that you wanted out of your campaigns.

Lying, cheating, and misleading may lead to more deleted emails and subscribers marking your messages as spam.  Be clever, be funny, be informative, just don’t be deceptive in your email marketing strategy.

Have tips for writing a great subject line?  Share them in the comments!

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