Does HTML5 = Video + Email?

If social media is a stream of consciousness then email marketing is a conversation.  If you buy that, then follow me a bit further.  Most (not all) conversations are rich and engaging.  I know what you are thinking, that conversation you had this weekend at that “party” was neither rich nor engaging.  Email marketing presents us with an opportunity to use SaaS (software as a service) platforms such as WhatCounts to generate timely relevant and even engaging email marketing conversations with our target audiences.

We all receive email marketing newsletters that make us question whether the sender understands the power of email marketing.  Let’s ask the following question: does HTML5 represent a new frontier in creating engaging email marketing conversations or will it be another innovation that email marketers miss out on.

Check out the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, for a quick overview of HTML5.

Video Enhanced Email Marketing is not only cool, but it represents a solid engagement opportunity.  The stats on video consumption are crystal clear (it is everywhere). Every company should be creating engaging video content for their websites, blogs, and email marketing programs.  Does every email marketing message need a video – no?  Video should be viewed as a strategic engagement opportunity.  A recipient willing to click through an email marketing message and watch a video is engaging with your brand.  Track that engagement, and then trigger a follow up email marketing message based on that activity.  Imagine sending one email to people who watched the entire video and another email to people who dropped off in the first 5 seconds.

Our SaaS (software as a service) platform is fully integrated with video and we are constantly exploring was to enhanced email marketing programs.  If you have ideas or case studies, please share.

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