Why WhatCounts?

We’ll help you send smart, personalized messages.


As a marketing professional, you’re tasked with creating effective email campaigns that engage and connect with your customers every day. These days, it’s not enough to just send out generic messages; you need to deliver personalized content that your subscribers want. In order to deliver personalized messages, you need the right data, content and automation.

Why WhatCounts? We’re a data management, software and services provider for marketing professionals seeking to deliver smart, personalized digital messages to their target audiences. Each day, our team partners with over 800 customers to leverage email, social media, mobile devices and the web to drive revenue. We believe Smart Marketing equals personalization, which requires marketers to have the right data, a content strategy and automation. Using smart technology, some of our customers are seeing email marketing ROI as high as $200 returned for every $1 invested.

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Here are just a few reasons why you should choose WhatCounts:

1) Flexible Deployment Options

WhatCounts provides a robust digital marketing platform that we deploy in three different ways to best suit your needs:

  • WhatCounts SaaS (software-as-a-service – great for midsize and businesses wanting a turnkey service)
  • Client Hosted Broadcaster (on-premise appliance installed in client’s datacenter – great for regulatory compliance or high volume)
  • WhatCounts Hosted Broadcaster (appliance installed in WhatCounts’ datacenter – great for high volume)

Whatever your needs are, our solution is flexible to help you meet all the requirements that your business and industry demand of you.

2) Enhanced Data

You already collect a lot of data from your customers or subscribers. We believe that having the right data is essential for creating personalized messages. We help our customers map, organize, integrate, and add to their data so they can leverage the data they already have.  By overlaying client data with enhanced data, system data and 3rd-party analytics, we’re able to create Smart Data to drive Smart Segments for our customers.

  • Client Data: Our platform stores unlimited customer attribute information in a relationship fashion and supports custom primary keys. By storing more data with us, you increase your potential for sending more personalized messages to your subscribers by allowing us to use this data to create Smart Segments. We can also help you map and organize your data to get it into WhatCounts and have a Data Services team ready to do just that.
  • Enhanced Data: We take client data given to us and enhance it with demographic, behavioral, and social graph data automatically without you having to take any additional steps.
  • System Data: We store for each individual client all system generated tracking including: campaigns deployed, opens, clicks, social shares, conversions, mobile views, by individual client by individual email address.
  • 3rd-Party Analytics: We deeply integrate with web analytics such as Google Analytics and Omniture, as well as other 3rd party industry systems, to bring additional actions and analytics into our system for the processing of Smart Segments.

3) Content Automation

WhatCounts provides several options to include content in a template, such as copy and pasting or importing. However, you also have the option to define a template once, and then change content through some external source. The external content, plain-text or HTML can be grabbed and placed into a template at run time through one of the “GET” tags: GET, smartGET, and cacheGET. Our platform can read RSS/XML feeds, allowing you to automate and integrate that content into a highly personalized message to each of your subscribers. This can save you a huge amount of time and helps you automate the entire process.

4) Campaign Production Services

At WhatCounts, we pride ourselves on our great customer service. We’ve heard from many of you that our personalized service is what truly differentiates us from other marketing providers out there. Hundreds of organizations have chosen to outsource their email marketing programs to WhatCounts including: email design, HTML programming, Quality Assurance, segmentation and targeting, campaign deployment, delivery monitoring, and post campaign analysis and optimization.

To learn more about what we can do for you, email us today.