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We do what we do because we love email. Email is, and has always been, the number one revenue generator. The game has changed. It’s not enough to send more messages than your competitors. The new rules of email marketing dictate you have to use more than a dedicated ESP, more than basic segmentation, and more than first-name values. You’re collecting more data about your subscribers than ever before. It’s time to use it. It’s time to be smarter about it.

We believe in smart marketing. Consumers have come to expect relevant, personalized messages from marketers. In order to deliver these messages, you need to combine all of your customer data across channels – web, email, social and mobile. The WhatCounts Smart Marketing Engine enables you to harness your customer data, enhance that data and combine it with behavioral data and web analytics to create Smart Segments. Once built, these segments will transform your marketing by helping you create dynamic messages that lead to better marketing insights.

Smart Data + Smart Segments + Smart Messages + Smart Insights = Smart Marketing. That’s WhatCounts.

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Lifecycle Email Marketing

  • Take your subscribers from audience to evangelist
  • Send emails based upon subscriber behavior and customer-driven timing
  • Grow your best customers and win back your lost subscribers

Drive smarter customer engagement

  • Send personalized emails to your subscribers
  • Insert content from different sources
  • Automate campaign deployment

Our key differentiatiors

  • Award-winning account management, customer service offerings and technical support
  • Team members that don’t only understand email, but love email
  • Constantly evolving and adapting technology: We don’t stand still
  • Committed, dedicated leadership: We don’t sign our customers, we get to know them


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