What We’ll Do

The subscriber lifecycle is composed of a series of phases that an email subscriber goes through, which include the following: initial email acquisition, conversion of prospect to active user/customer, improving user/customer value, ensuring user/customer loyalty and eventually the need to recapture a user/customer if they become inactive. We will perform a gap analysis to identify email marketing programs that will help keep a customer actively involved in your business. We will identify the following through the gap analysis:

  • New email communications opportunities
  • Existing emails to optimize through a/b testing, creative enhancements, personalization and segmentation.
  • List of highest priority email programs that will provide a quick ROI

We’ll develop and present a full lifecycle marketing email program roadmap, share case studies for your industry vertical and facilitate a brainstorm session with your marketing team in order to prioritize next steps and develop a plan for implementing new communication opportunities.

We’ll also look at response rate by segment, including:

  • Active
  • Passive
  • Inactive

What You’ll Get

WhatCounts will prepare and deliver a presentation on the Lifecycle Email Program Gap Analysis results. The report will be provided in PowerPoint format. The document will include:

  • Lifecycle Marketing Email Program Roadmap
  • Lifecycle Priorities with Plan for Implementation
  • Competitive Samples
  • Recommendations

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