What We’ll Do

WhatCounts will perform a competitive analysis of your email program, according to the following campaign category performance benchmarks for your specific industry:

  • Promotional
  • Newsletter
  • Triggered
  • Ad-Hoc (Regulatory, Transactional, etc.)

We will take you through an in-depth review of 18 months of historical performance metrics and trends for your email program, including:

  • Delivery and list hygiene metrics (bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, spam complaint rate)
  • Engagement metrics (open rate, click rate, click-to-open rate)

We will provide email performance statistics compared to your competitors or similar industry benchmarks. The review of your campaign performance data will give us the insight necessary to highlight strategies that are working well and call out potential areas for testing and improvement. Once we have identified opportunities for improvement, we will provide actionable recommendations and illustrative samples from similar companies.

What You’ll Get

WhatCounts will prepare and deliver a presentation of the Competitive Analysis: Email Program Performance findings. The report will be provided in PowerPoint format. The document will include:

  • Email Performance Trends Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Prioritized List of Recommendations
  • Competitive Samples

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