What We’ll Do

WhatCounts will review your current email performance reporting process and recommend opportunities to streamline:

  • Monitoring of internal benchmarks (in aggregate and by campaign type)
  • Templates in excel to carry out monthly performance tracking
  • Organize performance tracking into year-over-year and/or month-to-month variance tracking in order to identify email program trends
  • Research and decide if web analytics tracking can be utilized to track Revenue Per Email statistics

Standardizing a monthly reporting process for your email program will help your business easily recognize areas of improvement that can be made to quickly optimize your email program. In addition, there may be yearly or monthly trends identified through the report that will help set expectations for projecting your annual and quarterly revenue goals for your email program.

What You’ll Get

WhatCounts will prepare and deliver a spreadsheet template to outline your Automated Email Performance Reporting Strategy. The spreadsheet will be delivered in Excel format. The report includes:

  • Recommendations on categorizing email program for benchmark comparison purposes
  • Outline of each tab that should be included in the report
  • Process for pulling raw data each month
  • Process for importing raw data to automatically update report on a regular basis
  • Custom report coded to pull raw data each month so data can be uploaded into the Excel template
  • WhatCounts will schedule custom report to automatically send to client via ftp when it is ready for upload into Excel template
  • Training session to educate staff on how to easily update report, with the click of a button, on a regular basis

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