What We’ll Do

WhatCounts will research and provide competitive pricing intelligence for up to five competitors. The competitive research includes:

  • Identify number of ad opportunities
  • Compare list size for your program with competing programs
  • Share whether CPM, CPC or Flat Fee approach is utilized
  • Average open, click and delivery metrics for competitors or similar industry benchmarks

Knowing your competitor’s pricing approach is very valuable information that can be used to determine the correct selling approach for your email program advertisements. The insight gathered from the research will conclude with a list of prioritized recommendations on:

  • Best placements for ads in email to maximize advertiser interest
  • Key email performance stats that should be included in sales collateral
  • Pricing structure for single, week, month and multi-month long ad placements

What You’ll Get

WhatCounts will prepare and deliver a presentation of the Advertisement Pricing Competitive Analysis. The report will be provided in PowerPoint format. The document will include:

  • Advertisement competitive intelligence pricing matrix
  • Meter indicator of where you fall in comparison to your competitors
  • Pros and Cons of  changing ad placement in email
  • Competitive Samples
  • Recommendations

Other Strategic Services

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