Email Marketing Strategy

Inertia for high-impact campaigns

Types of Email Marketing Strategy Offerings by WhatCounts

Email Program Audit

Need help uncovering lost revenue in your emails? Enter our strategists who offer competitive insights and industry examples. Bravo!

High Impact Quick Wins

The perfect solution for busy marketers who need to sandwich strategic consulting and flawless execution. Examples

Template Design Audit

Are your click rates stagnant? Our template audit uncovers ways to improve, then we give you a new wireframe for immediate use.

Competitive Analysis

You can learn a lot from your competitors. Let us dig up the dirt on your frenemies' emails - we'll help you stand out from the crowd

List Growth Strategy

Email success = a quality email list. We'll help you optimize current optimization practices and implement brand new ones. Good email lists are so in right now.

Custom Projects

Whether it's mapping out the preference center you've always dreamed of or finally pressing go on a loyalty program, we're always up for the challenge. Examples

Reporting & Analysis

Move the needle for your emails with custom reports. We'll help you identify key metrics, analyze results, and provide clear takeaways. Boom!

Email Personalization

1:1 convos with your customers. Let us help you make it a reality with integration strategies for behavioral and past-purchase data into your campaigns. Examples


  • High Impact Quick Wins:Welcome Series, Re-engagement Series
  • Custom Projects: Manage Preferences Center, Subscription Page Redesign, Website Pop-up
  • Email Personalization: Recommended Products or Stories Based on Browsing Behavior, Personalized Emails Based on Subscriber Preferences

How Our Strategy Services Work

Our strategic planning services provide expert consultation and guidance using results-driven methodology. Whether you’re an email novice or experienced marketer, our strategists will assess your email campaigns and overall business goals to develop a roadmap that works for you. Ongoing assessments will lead to a thorough understanding of your company’s brand, position and market differentiation. These factors will be incorporated into specific and actionable recommendations to ensure your email campaigns are performing at the highest level possible.

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