An email isn’t successful if it doesn’t arrive in the inbox. WhatCounts’ highly experienced Delivery Team can help manage your sender reputation and email deliverability with expert advice and recommendations. Platform set up and configuration, IP warming, reputation monitoring and delivery consultations are a few of the services we provide. A comprehensive array of email marketing deliverability services are available in various packages to meet your program’s needs.

ISP Relationships

WhatCounts places a high priority on our ISP relationships and participates regularly in industry groups and events lsuch as the Messaging, Mobile, and Malware Anti-Abuse Work Group (M³AAWG). Our team maintains feedback loop and whitelist agreements with all major ISPs to help ensure the best possible sending reputation:

  • Whitelisting and feedback loops for AOL and Outblaze
  • Feedback loops and SNDS for Hotmail
  • Feedback loops for Comcast, Cox, Earthlink, Blue Tie, Excite, iWon, MyWay, Mailtrust, Road Runner (via Time Warner),, Yahoo!, Mailserver,
  • Whitelisting for United Online and Barracuda

Partnerships for Deliverability Services

WhatCounts partners with industry leader ReturnPath to offer referrals for their Sender Score Certification program. We are also able to provide access to ReturnPath’s Email Intelligence Suite in conjunction with our Delivery Services.

Email Marketing Delivery Services

In addition to our platform-wide focus on deliverability, we also offer personalized services to identify, resolve, and avoid delivery issues. These include active monitoring of your sending reputation, in-depth troubleshooting and analysis of issues, best practices advice, personalized delivery performance reports and regular consultations.

For more information on Delivery Services, call 1-866-804-0076 or contact us today.