On January 7, 2014, we held our first training webinar for the new user interface of WhatCounts Publicaster Edition. You can view the recording here:

In addition, a number of questions came in that we were not immediately able to answer. However, after consultation with the development team, we can now offer clarification on a number of points:

Q: Can relational database tables be updated via the API, or just manually?
A: Yes! Importing data to a relational database table is just like importing data to a mailing list. You can use the list import function from within Publicaster itself, or you can use one of our various API methods for sending and receiving that data.

Q: I currently use webservices to pull reporting and results from Publicaster. Do my programmers need to make any changes?
A: No, you do not! All of the existing secure calls you use to pull data from Publicaster will continue to work: There are no changes that need to be made.

Q: Can the A/B Split Test tool be used to send multiple creatives?
A: Yes! In the A/B Split Test tool, you simply need to add multiple test cases, as seen in this screenshot: