Social sign-on can make filling out forms on your website so much easier.

Social media has been hailed as the key to driving consumer engagement with brands, but without identity, social engagement is limited. Social Sign-On not only helps you identify your consumers, but also can deliver rich profile data to drive your segmentation and personalization efforts.

Join Tim Brechlin from WhatCounts and Bill Piwonka from Janrain for this webinar to learn how Social Sign-On can help you send smarter, more personalized messages. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Social Sign-On:

  • increases registration conversion rates
  • delivers permission-based access to declared, first-person social profile data
  • improves efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts
  • contributes to Smart Marketing by increasing relevance

Listen to the social sign-on webinar now!

Ever get to a long form that you just don’t want to fill out? Maybe you wanted the content behind the form, but you’re turned off by how long it takes to get it. Your website visitors are the same, and social sign on can help. Customers have to sign into their social accounts, and voila, they are able to download the content they want from you. In turn, you are able to gather insightful information about the people who are downloading content from you.