Big Data, Personalization & Automation: Everyone’s talking about it, everyone wants to use it, but is anyone showing you how?

Big data, personalization, and automation continue as mega trends in the digital marketing space. Join WhatCounts CEO Allen Nance as he explains how some of our top clients are sending “smarter” messages to their customers. In this one hour webinar, he’ll walk you through our new Smart Marketing philosophy which can be used to help you send smarter, more personalized messages to your customers and subscribers, resulting in a more engaged audience.

  • Learn how having the right data, content and an automation strategy can drastically increase your chances of sending more personalized messages
  • Hear about some of our customer’s successes using Smart Marketing; including SweetJack
  • Learn about our new Data Services offerings which can help you get started with the right data element of Smart Marketing
  • Leave the webinar with 5 actions you can take now to start sending more personalized messages today