Find out how you can market smarter in eCommerce.

Online retailers are collecting more data about their customers than ever before. But how many are actually using that data to make their online marketing efforts better? The landscape has shifted; it’s more important than ever to use the right data to send the right message at the right time to the right person. Your target customers expect relevant, personalized messages from marketers. And, to deliver these messages, you need to combine all of your customer data across channels—websites, email, social, and mobile. Sound impossible? It’s not. Join us to explore strategies and tactics you can use today to improve your eCommerce efforts. You’ll learn the elements of a smart marketing strategy for online commerce, from planning and deployment to evaluation and refinement.

  • Why you need to start using customer data to improve your online marketing
  • Which new digital marketing strategies can increase your e-commerce results
  • How to combine cross-channel customer data to get people to act

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Doug Broujos is the Vice President of Services at WhatCounts. His primary focus is on providing management support to the account management, technical account management, deliverability and professional services personnel that provide outstanding support to WhatCounts clients. Doug also oversees the Baltimore operations for the company.

Tim Brechlin is a passionate believer in the power of education through effective communication, and has been working in digital marketing for almost ten years. As a services account manager at WhatCounts, he works with clients in verticals including e-commerce, publishing, B2B, and higher education.