Learn how to recover abandoned shopping carts with this webinar.

Did you know that seven out of every 10 customers abandon their online purchases, resulting in over 1.4 trillion dollars in lost eCommerce sales each year? Maybe shipping costs were high, or buyers wanted to comparison shop. But, if they abandon their cart and don’t return within the first hour, the probability of them returning to complete the sale is reduced by 90 percent. So how do you win back customers in those first few moments when the opportunity to convert the sale is the greatest? Attendees will learn:

  • How to calculate the monetary value of an eCommerce site abandonment problem
  • What results other top eCommerce companies are seeing, and what you can expect
  • Best practices on how to optimize your shopping cart recovery email campaigns
  • How to leverage WhatCounts and social media to help bring back lost sales
  • How smart, personalized messaging contributes to abandoned cart success
  • Effective strategies and design for a successful abandoned cart program
  • The importance of integration and execution when building your abandoned cart emails

Register today and learn how to recover up to 50% of your abandoned shopping carts using SeeWhy‘s industry-leading, real time email remarketing solution, Conversion Managerâ„¢.