In this webcast, you will learn how the Power of Buyer Personas can help you deliver the right message, to the right buyers, at the right time. Discover how to shape effective and on-target emails, landing pages, white papers, ads, and social media content that transforms an interested buyer from a lead to a sale.

Join Tony Zambito and Pam Hege to learn what a buyer persona is, how to gain deep buyer insights, and how they help you create messaging and campaigns that cause your buyers to take action.

In this webcast, you will discover:

  • What is a buyer persona and how they help define buyer segments
  • Why they are important in understanding how and why customers make buying decisions
  • How to acquire deep and profound buyer insights on buyer goals, pain points, and challenges
  • How to use the power of buyer personas to craft high-impact, influential messaging that resonates and motivates

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